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DESIGNERS / Seth Todd and Teryl Todd of Todd Knife and Tool

Todd Knife and Tool is collaboration between brothers Seth Todd located in Houston, TX and Teryl Todd located in Ozark, MO.  Seth and Teryl grew up with their father constantly building and fabricating things, from most of the furniture in the house to building dirt bikes from scratch, helping to restore old Harley Davidsons and restoring old machining tools.  Both brothers have always had a love for edged tools and weapons. 

By 2015 Teryl had become heavily involved in the knife community and they talked allot about their favorite knives and the changes they would make to create the perfect blade for a specific task.  Soon after Seth began designing and prototyping fixed blade and then folding knives with feedback from his brother.  They now work to design and build prototypes that can be put into production.  Todd knife and tool knives are intended to meet a specific purpose, maintain exceptional ergonomics and to be easily every day carried.  The knives also carry a distinctive design language that sets them apart from other designs within the community.  Both brothers also share a love of giant sized dogs which sometimes also find their way into the designs.