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DESIGNERS / Rafal Brzeski

“I try to make each of my knives fully functional and practical but distinguished with details you cannot find in any serial production. The devil is in the detail”.

Since his childhood Rafal Brzeski was interested in knives. Only in the folded ones though. Growing up in Poland behind the iron curtain the great artists' knives were far beyond his reach. Any access to watching and tracking the market was hampered. Before he came up with the idea of making knives he finished his studies at the Wroclaw University of Technology with specialties in instrumentation and measurement systems which are now handy to produce details with a great accuracy. For many years he has been working in the security industry as a designer, appraiser and forensic expert. He was always good at DIY. His workshop was always full of tools. Titanium was the material which fascinated him and he made many various gadgets and jewelry of it. In 2014 he decided to make a knife, then another. He never made fixed knives because he did not use them and he considered them not practical as EDC. After showing his work online it turs out that people wanted to buy. Eventually in 2016 he left corporate work and went on full time knife-making. He makes his knifes in his workshop in Poland, in Lower Silesia district. He does not make knives in a mass production. Every knife within the same model is unique. He humbly learns from the best and strives to combine modern technology, handmade finish and noble materials.