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Since I got my first knife at age 6 I have carried a pocketknife and collected knives. In Oregon & Washington, USA, the Outdoors is a lifestyle, so I had the chance to climb many 3000-meter peaks, ski, hunt, fish and more. All of which encouraged me to pursue my passion with knives and tools. After working for many years in construction, cabinet making and design, I started knifemaking and went professional in 2008. These experiences promoted my desire use my own hands to create solid useful purpose driven designs with an intense focus on high quality materials.

With a father and two grandfathers that I enjoyed fun in the outdoors with and the exposure to their collections of tools, guns & knives I came to appreciate the value of solid, time tested tools & designs. This influenced my distinctive style of blending old school proven features with new technology and space age materials to create diverse and exciting combinations.
For over a decade now I have designed and made custom knives and tools full time. Attending several knife shows every year as well as testing my designs and products in the great outdoors.