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DESIGNERS / Matthew Christensen

My name is Matthew Christensen, and I’m a Custom Knifemaker from Steger, Illinois which is about 30 minutes south of Chicago. I have been a knife enthusiast since 2007, and I started Christensen Knifeworks back in January of 2012. I began customizing production knives for my friends and myself back in 2008-2009. Soon after I started posting my work on YouTube and people started wanting me to customize and “pimp” their knives. I did that for a couple of years and soon started playing around with fixed blades and Friction folders. I am currently specializing in frame lock and liner lock folding knives. I’m always designing and trying to come up with some cool, new designs. I have something for everyone, from small EDC friendly to Fancy full Dress Builds to large, over built knives. 

My goal as a custom knifemaker is to please you, the customer, with the best customer service and with new and better ideas. I continually strive to improve my knives and the methods I use to build them, so I can make a better product with the best materials available, as well as make the knife you have always wanted. I want to make a knife the you will enjoy and love. A knife you will show off and be proud of, but will use and carry everyday.