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DESIGNERS / Ben Petersen

What Iiiiiiissss Up Guys!!!?!!!! Ben Petersen started in the knife industry in 2011 as a part-time college gig making YouTube videos. The vortex of the knife world sucked him in, and he spent the next 8 years working in the industry full-time at a knife retailer and manufacturer. He’s handled thousands of knives while making more than 1,000 knife videos and producing knife marketing content across the industry. In his travels, Ben developed particular knife preferences, including sub 3” blades and a wild affinity for blue handle scales on simple designs. After years of hawking others’ blades, Ben drew up his first WE design called “Banter.” It’s a thoughtful combination of all the things Ben loves in a knife.
When he’s not shilling in the knife industry, Ben spends most of his time outside hiking, backpacking, biking and exploring his home state of Utah with his wife and four kiddos. And yes, they all like knives too.