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DESIGNERS / Braginets Ivan Dmitrievich

My name is Braginets Ivan Dmitrievich. I was born in 1978 in the family of engineers in the Donbass region of Ukraine, in the town of Snezhnoe. I have a master's degree with honors in mining engineering. At the moment I am the sales department executive in a corporation selling metalworking equipment, what makes me pretty familiar with industrial production. I've been drawing knives my entire conscious life, since the first classes of the school. If there was a knife drawn on the school desk, the teacher knew who to punish for this. I made my first knife with a fixed blade when I was 13-14 years old, and the folded one at around 15. And nothing has changed since then - I am still convinced that the main feature of the knife is its harmony.

About me as a designer: I gave up considering the knife design as a hobby in 2016, back then I understood that it's my true passion. The most difficult and important challenge for me as a knife designer is to combine the good appearance, functionality, user-friendliness and a bunch of other important features that a good knife should have. I do my best to avoid cases when the designer in me takes the advantage over the engineer and vice versa. 'Cause for me the knife is not only a tool, but also a thing with a special philosophy. I try to make sure that none of my knives appear to be alike to a previous one, and for sure there's no place for any random lines in my knives.
About my creative plans: At the meantime I have about 20 knife projects ready for production, and I hope that in the nearest future the knife community will evaluate some of them. I really hope that our cooperation with We Knife Co. Ltd. will progressively develop, because I really like their professionalism and quality of their products."