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DESIGNERS / Kellen Bogardus

"My name is Kellen Bogardus. I’m 20 years old and am currently studying physics at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. I’ve been collecting knives since my grandfather gave me my first Leatherman seven years ago, and have been designing my own knives for three years. I’ve had an interest in mechanics and structural design as far back as I can remember, so I developed a liking for pocket knives almost instantly. I would spend hours researching a knife before deciding to purchase it, all to try to find my ‘perfect pocket knife’. Eventually I realized that that perfect knife didn’t exist, so one day I sat down with a pencil and paper and made it myself. I eventually taught myself CAD through a lot of trial and error (and plenty of rage-quits), and transitioned my design to this so that I could 3D print prototypes to refine the ergonomics and action. As of 2017 I have four different folder designs and one bali-song, and I love to research the newest materials and construction methods to see if they can benefit my designs.
I follow a philosophy of form following function, and design my knives to be carried and used as tools instead of put in a display case; no matter how limited or expensive. In all of my designs I seek to put the largest and most capable blade in the slimmest folded package, while always keeping it strong where it counts and removing material anywhere else. I consider myself a perfectionist, and will find myself spending hours revising every insignificant detail of a knife until there is no chamfer, mill line, or lightening cutout left untouched. I hope to one day have a shop where I can experiment with new materials and build knives myself without the concerns of cost or time, but for now I chose to work with WEknife because they can put out almost un-rivaled quality and attention to detail for their price and availability.”